Social Worker Job Transfer Process Guidance

1. Context

1.1 This process guidance has been drafted to ensure that there is a transparent and consistent approach to the movement of existing RMBC CYPS social workers from one team to another.
1.2 This guidance relates only to the movement of social workers already employed by RMBC; occupying a social work post in CYPS; and moving from one service area to another (e.g. Duty to Long-Term) or from mainstream social work into specialist provision (e.g. long term into Children's Disability, LAC etc), where the use of Expression of Interest is deemed to be a more proportionate and effective means of allowing individuals to change role. In some cases it may be more appropriate for recruitment into a post to require all candidates to complete an online form and be assessed via a recruitment panel, irrespective of their existing employment status.
1.3 This practice guidance will only support the movement of a social worker from one post to another on the same grade and in an area of work where skills are deemed by management to be transferable. This process cannot facilitate progression (please see the Social Work Progression Framework).

2. Process

Caption: Process
2.1 At the point that RMBC CYPS advertise social work vacancies on the RMBC website, existing social work staff have the option to express an interest in a post in another team by completing an Expression of Interest Form, sending it to in line with the advertised closing date.
2.2 Responsibility for identifying opportunities to apply for other posts within the service sits with the individual. The service may on occasion advertise opportunities as they arise, though this should not be inferred as a duty or expectation on the service or management.
2.3 The social worker should make their line manager made aware of their intention to apply for a move internally, before the expression of interest form is completed and submitted.
2.4 Following the closing date, the recruiting Service Manager will review all submitted EOI with the (potentially) receiving Service Manager. A discussion will then take place between the (potentially) receiving Service Manager, (potentially) receiving team manager and the current team manager/Service Manager (or both), to ensure that the move is in the interests of the individual and the service.
2.5 If is felt that the move is not in the interest of the individual or the service, the current team manager will take responsibility for discussing this with the social worker, agreeing a plan to address any concerns or issues so that a transfer would be viable in future.
2.6 If it is felt that a move is viable, then one of two processes will follow:
  2.6a Where there are more vacancies in the receiving service area than there are EOI for a post, an informal conversation with the team manager and applicant social worker will suffice to inform decision making.
  2.6b Where there are more EOI than there are available posts, a formal interview process will need to be undertaken by a 3 member panel, and meet the RMBC recruitment and selection standards as set out in the corporate policy.
2.7 Following appointment, usual HR processes must be undertaken to move a staff member using the RMBC HR Portal. All staff are expected to work their contractual notice period before a move can take place, unless otherwise agreed by the team manager. The service reserves the right to retain employees for a longer period, where service needs provide a clear and transparent requirement to do so.
2.8 In some instances, there may be a requirement to prioritise the movement of a social worker because of issues relating to the health and wellbeing of an employee or because of a change in circumstances which impacts on service delivery. Management reserve the right to facilitate staff movement in the absence of formal recruitment and selection process, in line with advice and guidance from HR.

3. Newly Qualified Social Workers

3.1 It is the usual policy of the service for NQSWs to remain in a post for the duration of ASYE, unless the service undertakes a restructuring exercise of service provision.
3.2 All NQSWs (at either Band G or H) will not be considered for movement into another post within the service until they have completed the Assessed and Support Year in Employment.
3.3 However, where there are broader HR concerns relating to an officer, or where an informal or formal HR process is underway to manage capability to address issues relating to the health and wellbeing of a social worker, movement may be considered.