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Right 2 Rights website for Looked After Children

An appointment of an Advocate for a Looked After child is appropriate where a child wishes to be represented at a meeting (for example a Looked After Review) or assisted in making a complaint or bringing a matter to the attention of the care provider, the local authority or the Regulatory Authority.

Information must be provided to all Looked After Children about how they can gain access to a suitably skilled Advocate by giving the names of independent organisations to the child, for example the National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS).

In Rotherham an advocacy service for Looked After Children is provided by the Rights 2 Rights Service, click here for contact details.

The child's social worker and Independent Reviewing Officer should ensure that all looked after children have access to an Advocate especially where their wishes and feelings may not be in accordance with plans being made for them.

Assistance must also be given to enable an Advocate to be appointed for the child for example by approaching the independent organisation of the child's choice if requested to do so.

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