Newly Qualified Social Worker Assessed and Supported Year in Employment Framework


Welcome to Rotherham, and welcome to the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE).

Congratulations on taking up your first professional Social Work role with us and joining a remarkable profession where individuals have the chance to make a real difference to the lives of children and families in Rotherham. We are pleased you have chosen to start your social work career here with us in Rotherham and hope this is the start of a long lasting relationship with us.

ASYE is a government initiative akin to the induction year Nearly Qualified Teachers have undertaken since 1999. Linked to the Knowledge and Skills Statement for Child and Family Social Work (KSS), ASYE is the beginning of your career as a social worker, and it will help provide a bridge from initial training to confident and competent practice that is based on a firm foundation of skills and knowledge.

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council believes that social workers are entitled to the best career-long professional development. It has been at the forefront of developments to support newly qualified social workers since 2008. As an NQSW in Rotherham you have the benefit of undertaking the ASYE, which has been implemented following discussions and consultations with national, regional and local partners. We want to ensure that you can benefit from a programme that provides consistent assessment across children's services and excellent support to help develop your practice and provide the foundations for a successful and effective career.

This guidance is intended to provide NQSWs, their managers and others involved in the programme within the Children and Young Peoples Services with a clear understanding of the requirements to progress through and complete the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment. It provides a full overview of the programme and explains the support NQSWs are entitled to, how assessment will be conducted and by whom. It also provides information about the next steps following completion of the ASYE.

1. What Does The ASYE Programme Offer?

The ASYE programme will offer structured support during the first year of post-qualifying employment.

The guiding principles of ASYE are:

  • Regular and structured supervision;
  • Workload management;
  • Professional development;
  • Development time to focus on continuing professional development needs.

The ASYE is an assessment of professional capability, not academic achievement. Central to this is the Professional Capabilities Framework developed by the Social Work Reform Board and endorsed by the College of Social Work, which outlines the 9 practice domains of professional capability:

Click here to view Professional Capabilities Framework for Social Workers.

2. What does the Worker need to do to Complete the ASYE Programme?

The programme is underpinned by the Knowledge and Skills for Child and Family Social Work Statement which sets out what all NQSWs need to achieve within the ASYE, and are designed to facilitate:

  • The consolidation of learning and previous experience;
  • Extending and deepening skills, knowledge and abilities gained during formalised professional training.

Part time NQSWs will have longer to complete the programme, with a maximum period of two years allowed.

The NQSW will complete a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their development over the year. The contents will include learning and development agreements, reflective learning journals, direct observations of practice, supervision and mentoring records. Additionally, feedback which can be from service users, colleagues and/or other professionals should also be included.

3. Expectations of the NQSW

It is expected that the NQSW will:

  1. Meet the allocated NQSW supervisor/mentor at the beginning of the ASYE programme as part of their induction to the team, to establish a supervision agreement and complete a learning and development agreement. The latter will set out clear objectives for the programme of learning and development. This will be reviewed every 3 months with the NQSW supervisor/mentor;
  2. Understand the expectations of the programme;
  3. Critically reflect, analyse and evaluate their progress;
  4. Complete the ASYE Portfolio to demonstrate how development of capability in the Knowledge and Skills for Child and Family Social Work Statement is being achieved. This will include; learning and development plans and reviews, records of learning and development activities and records of NQSW supervision sessions and any feedback from colleagues, other professionals and/or service users, complete a reflective journal for each 3 monthly review.

4. How will the NQSW be Supported?

4.1 NQSW Supervisor/Mentor

All NQSWs will be allocated a mentor, a social work practice consultant (SWPC). As agreed with the NQSW line manager they will:

  • Provide reflective supervision and mentoring;
  • Support in specified social work activity;
  • Modelling (for example in chairing meetings / undertaking assessment sessions / representing the local authority in a variety of settings);
  • Co-ordinate the 3 monthly review meetings;
  • Contribute to or complete the holistic assessment at the end of the ASYE.

4.2 Supervision

The NQSW line manager and SWPC mentor will agree and ensure, in partnership with the NQSW, that regular supervision sessions are held. This will take place every week for a minimum of 60 mins, for the first 6 weeks, then fortnightly for the remainder of the first 6 months of employment and monthly thereafter. The NQSW supervisor/mentor will work with the NQSW to identify any additional learning and developmental opportunities, beyond the programmes outlined in Section 6, to enable the NQSW to provide the evidence requirements.

5. Meeting the Learning and Development Needs of the Programme

5.1 Induction

All new starters are required to have a local induction to the work-place, usually provided by the line manager. Additionally, it is mandatory for all new starters to complete the online RMBC e-Induction. More information can be provided by the ASYE programme coordinator or the Standards and Development Team.

5.2 Broadening Your Knowledge of Rotherham MBC

We are committed to developing practice in Assessment, Analysis and Achieving Improved Outcomes for children. We have a supported training programme specifically designed for our newly qualified social workers.

5.3 Assessment Skills

We are committed to developing practice in Assessment, Analysis and Achieving Improved Outcomes for children. We have a supported training programme specifically designed for out newly qualified social workers.

5.4 Development Opportunities

Finally, there will be a number of other development opportunities available to NQSWs, provided by a range of agencies, such as the Safeguarding Boards for both Children and Adults. For more information, see Rotherham Safeguarding Children Partnership Procedures.

Where a need is identified, further themed workshops and learning activities can be organised by the ASYE programme coordinator, to meet the learning needs identified by the NQSW group in learning and development plans.

We are currently working with South Yorkshire Teaching Partnership who provides an accredited framework of learning. This is currently under review.

6. Further Information

For further information about the Rotherham CYPS ASYE Programme, please contact the Principal Social Worker.